Beijing Railway Signal Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Beijing Railway Signal Factory, hereinafter referred to as “BRSC”) is a specialized company integrating scientific and technological research and development, manufacturing, sales and technical service for railway signal dedicated equipment and railway signal control equipment, a wholly-owned subsidiary company of China Railway Signal & Communication Corp., a high-tech enterprise in Beijing, and National spiritual civilization units.

BRSC is located in Huangcun Town, Daxing District, which is in the south-west fifth ring of Beijing. It covers a total area of 76,000 square meters, with registered capital of 650 million RMB and total assets of 2.24 billion RMB, its throughput is over 2 billion RMB every year.

BRSC has passed the ISO9001-1994 Quality Management System certification in 1996, and successively passed the ISO9001-2000 and ISO9001-2008 certification. It has also passed IRIS international standard certification in 2011, passed ISO14000 and OHSA18000 environmental and occupational health and safety management system certification in 2012, and passed CTCS train control products industrialization security system certification in 2013.

BRSC processes the world leading electronic assembly production line and sheet-metal processing production line, and owns train control system debugging and testing production line and relevant product experiment, detection and testing equipments. BRSC has the strength of manufacturing complete series of CTCS0-3 level train control system equipments, and providing technical services as well, with which BRSC are fully affirmed by its customers.

BRSC achieved a series of title of honor, such as China Industry Pacesetter Enterprise, China Manufacturing Informatization Demonstration Enterprise, National Civilized Unit, National Quality Trustworthy Unit, National Harmonious Labor Relationship Excellent Enterprise, National Model Staff Family, National Enterprise Culture Construction Excellent Unit, Central Enterprise Advanced Group, Central Enterprise Advanced Basic Party Organization, Railway Locomotive Trophy, Capital Spiritual Civilization Unit, Beijing Commercial Credit AAA Grade Enterprise, Beijing Safety Production Standardization Enterprise and so on.

BRSC grows accompanying with China's railway development history. Since 1970s, it has started to cooperate with Beijing National Railway Research & Design Institute of Signal &Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CRSCD") to develop 4-code, 8-code and 18-code frequency-shift automatic block equipment, thereby playing an important role for the first four national speed-up campaigns of China's railway.

In 1989, BRSC and CRSCD jointly undertook MOR's localization project for introduction, research and absorption of UM71 joint-less track circuit and TVM300 locomotive control system with train over-speed protection (hereinafter referred to as "U-T system") from France. Through efforts, we finally realized the localization target of U-T system, and have successively provided the localized equipment to Zhengzhou-Wuhan Line, Beijing-Zhengzhou Line, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Line, Beijing-Shanhaiguan Line, Shenyang-Shanhaiguan Line. At the same time, the process equipment, production organization and management, and quality process control of BRSC are rapidly improved. The successful introduction and localization of U-T system has made a positive and far-reaching influence on the development of railway signal control technology of China.

In 2001, BRSC independently developed the WG-21A jointless track circuit equipment as a substitution of UM71. The WG-21A jointless track circuit equipment has passed the technical examination and system identification organized by former Ministry of Railways, and has been successively used in Harbin-Dalian Line and Dalian LRT, and also won the third prize of Science and Technology in Railway.

In 2002, BRSC participated the development of ZPW-2000A jointless track circuit equipment organized by CRSCD, and fulfilled the system product technology transfer. The ZPW-2000A jointless track circuit equipment passed technical examination and system identification organized by former Ministry of Railways, and was determined as the first-choice of railway section auto-block product, it was widely used in the 5th and 6th speed-up section and high-speed railway. This project won the first prize of Science and Technology of Chinese Railway Academy in 2004, and won the second prize of National Science Progress.

With the large-scale construction of Chinese high-speed railway and DPL, BRSC and CRSCD cooperated together and developed ZPW-2000A/k jointless track circuit equipment with the independent intellectual property rights of “CRSC” brand, which is adapted to the application of high-speed railway and DPL. Meanwhile, through introduction, absorption, assimilation and secondary innovation, BRSC realized localization of Balise, LEU, BEPT, on-board ATP, RBC equipment, which are the components of CTCS3/CTCS2 train control system.

BRSF has participated in a research subject under National Key Technology Research and Development Program, i.e. Industrialization of CTCS3 Train Control System Equipment, a sub-task of “Development of Operation Control System Technology and Equipment of High Speed Trains” under “Research and Development of Key Technology and Equipment of Chinese High Speed Trains”. Through the implementation of the sub-task, BRSC acquired remarkable achievement in the aspect of CTCS3 train control system industrialization and product manufacturing, which promoted the production technology level and quality control capacity, and enhanced the core competitive power of BRSC. In 2014, the “Localization of CTCS3 train control on-board equipment and RBC equipment” project achieves the second prize of science and technology of China Railway Society and the second prize of Beijing science and Technology. The train control on-board ATP and RBC equipment manufactured by BRSC are successfully applied in many long-distance mainlines of high-speed railway such as Bejing-Shanghai, Harbin-Dalian line, which laid a solid foundation for China high-speed railway to create a number of world records.

In the aspects of “introduction, absorption, assimilation and secondary innovation”, BRSC successfully fulfilled localization of many signal system hardware, and got manufacturing license issued by foreign partners. The main products of BRSC all acquired the Railway Signal Safety Equipment Manufacturing License issued by MOR, 9 of which obtained the financial support from Beijing High-tech achievement transformation project. BRSF was honored as “Enterprise Technology Center in Beijing” on July 13th of 2009, and got Beijing Patent Demonstration Unit title in 2013.

For a long time, BRSC maintains a high rate of market share. Its products are widely applied by railway administrations throughout the country, covering many city metros, light rails, local railways, and overseas railway market such as MTR, Vietnam, South Korea, Pakistan. It provides train control system equipment and technical service to more than 30 lines of high-speed railway and DPL, e.g. Qinghai-Tibet railway line, the railway line with the highest altitude in the world; Harbin-Dalian line, the first railway line with the coldest temperature in China; Beijing-Tianjin intercity line, the first intercity railway line with a speed of 350km/h in China; Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail line, the first line with the longest mileage, the highest technical standard, the most highlights of innovation; Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway line, the first l

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